Craft, Design & Technology


Craft, Design & Technology embraces many diverse disciplines. From working with materials to using Integrated Computer Technologies, we design and build things on many different scales. Learners work with both hand tools and power tools to design and make objects and artefacts. Digital imaging and editing forms part of class work and is also a way of documenting activity. As technology develops we include new innovations into class work and this has led, for example, to short courses in programming and augmented reality. In CDT we have made films, digital images, animations, theatre sets and props, furniture, artworks, artefacts, soundscapes. The exciting thing is that it keeps evolving and that learners’ needs are met with dynamic, holistic, creative, inclusive, active, differentiated learning strategies. Our learners have individual pathways tailored to their particular needs and preferred learning styles. Whether they prefer to respond in visual, auditory, tactile, literal, numeric or kinaesthetic ways they are met with a programme designed for themselves. Differentiated facilitation and being in a highly creative environment our key to their success! Come and visit us and see it in action!