International Animal Rescue

Woodlands School adopts JoJo!

JoJo is a 16 year old male orangutan who lives at a rescue centre in Ketapang, Borneo.  It was love at first sight for our learners at Woodlands and they felt compelled to help him and the charity, Internal Animal Rescue, after learning about the deforestation problems in Indonesia.  Huge forest fires are started by big companies and farmers to make way for palm oil, pulp and paper plantations.  These fires rip through the rainforests every year and many animal species, including orangutans like JoJo, are dying and losing their homes.

Learners decided to raise awareness of this plight by organising a donation stand at our annual Christmas Fair and involved the whole school community in ‘Dress Like an Animal Day’.  This event saw an impressive display of hand crafted costumes, onesies and face painting by our very talented Art teacher and budding make-up artists! Thank you to everyone involved in helping us gain a new (hairy!) addition to the Woodlands family.