Welcome to the English Department at Woodlands!

At Woodlands, we celebrate and encourage our learners in the development of their Literacy skills. Being able to communicate through written and spoken language is a very important life skill, and our main focus is on ensuring each learner is able to make progress in these areas in a way that is both supportive and challenging at the appropriate level.

We are regularly visited by the ‘Book Bus’, where learners can choose a library book and learn about the process of borrowing and returning a book for which they are responsible.

We have an extensive collection of new novels, some of which are illustrated and graphic to encourage learners to fully engage with the text visually.

The Broad General Education phase during S1 to 3 is designed to progress pupils in their Reading, Writing Talking and Listening Skills. By the end of third year pupils may begin preparation work for their qualifications.

Reading and Literacy

Developing confidence and independence when reading is a major focus in the school. Learners are using ‘ReadingWise’ to develop their literacy skills. The decoding section takes learners through a carefully structured, personalised learning journey. Our learners work through blends, progress through common endings, words and sentences to unlock reading. The content starts at the beginning with letter-sound recognition and progresses through every four-syllable word in the first 3 Harry Potters. Learners are encouraged to develop their Literacy skills through independent reading. At Woodlands, our aim is to ensure learners enjoy a positive reading experience that allows them to access and analyse information. Learners are also encouraged and supported in the development of a reading habit that allows them to enjoy the experience of reading wonderful stories, just for fun!


Learners are encouraged to be creative and develop their confidence when writing. English is all about editing, and learners are given the opportunity to create, revise and improve written pieces. Learners are encouraged to become aware of the different writing styles and genres through a wide variety of written and spoken texts analysed in class. They are also supported in the creation and production of their own examples of writing styles.

Listening and Talking

From S1, learners are encouraged to recognise that good listening skills go hand in hand with good talking skills. Our aim at Woodlands is to develop their ability to listen to others, while also learning how communicate their own thoughts, feelings and ideas. Learners are given the opportunity to develop essential presentation and debating skills.