Home Economics


  • Home Economics aims to develop practical cookery skills, and an awareness of hygiene and safety
  • Learners acquire organisational and life skills
  • Promotion of Healthy Eating is an important aspect of our work


S1-3 Learners

S1-3 learners follow a very practical course, with learners taking part in practical cookery activities every week.

The focus of learning is:

– Kitchen safety and hygiene

– Developing basic practical cookery skills


Senior Courses

National 1: Food Preparation

Pupils will complete the following National 1 units:

  • Food Hygiene
  • Making a Healthy Hot Dish
  • Making a Healthy Snack
  • Using a cooker
  • Baking

These units aim to support learners in developing their awareness of safety and hygiene in the kitchen, as well as making healthy food choices. Learners will use a wide range of different kitchen utensils and equipment and will develop their practical cookery skills. The course aims to develop independent living skills by empowering learners to make their own healthy meals and snacks.

National 2: Food, Health and Wellbeing

Pupils will complete the following units as part of the National 2 course:

  • Food for Health
  • Food Preparation
  • Independent Living Skills

Within the Food for Health unit, learners will explore the Eatwell Guide and use this to identify healthy and unhealthy food choices, as well as identifying combinations of foods to produce balanced meals. They will also learn about healthy portion sizes.

Within the Food Preparation unit, learners will prepare a range of snacks, hot dishes and baked items using a variety of food preparation techniques and cookery processes. There will be a key focus on hygiene and safety in the kitchen. Learners will use a variety of kitchen utensils and equipment, including learning to weigh and measure ingredients using measuring spoons, jugs and digital scales.

Within the independent living skills unit, learners will plan and carry out basic household tasks such as using a washing machine and setting a table for dinner. These activities help to empower learners to become more independent around the home.

National 3: Practical Cookery

Pupils will complete the following units as part of the National 3 course:

  • Understanding and Using Ingredients
  • Cookery Skills, Techniques and Processes
  • Organisational Skills for Cookery

Within the Understanding and Using Ingredients unit, learners will explore: identifying and storing ingredients appropriately; healthy eating and current dietary advice; using local and seasonal ingredients; and selecting/using suitable garnishes and decorations for dishes.

Within the Cookery Skills, Techniques and Processes unit learners will: use equipment to weigh and measure ingredients accurately; learn about and practice a range of food preparation techniques and cookery processes; follow visual and photograph recipes to produce a variety of snacks, meals and baked products; and work safely and hygienically within the kitchen environment.

Within the Organisational Skills for Cookery unit, learners will gain skills in planning for cookery including: writing equipment lists and organising the work area; following a time plan; and evaluating dishes for presentation, taste and texture.