Information about Woodlands Mathematics Lifeskills Courses

‘To face the challenges of the 21st century, each young person needs to have confidence in using mathematical skills, and Scotland needs both specialist mathematicians and a highly numerate population.’

Building the Curriculum 1

Mathematics is important in our everyday life, allowing us to make sense of the world around us and to manage our lives effectively. In Woodlands School, we are committed to fostering an enthusiasm for maths by involving our young people in active learning opportunities, often involving real life contexts. Our young people are encouraged and challenged to think creatively and intuitively to solve problems and to build confidence in learning and applying essential mathematical skills.

Mathematics equips us with many of the skills required for life, learning and work and we aim to develop skills in our young people by building confidence in numeracy, financial awareness, reasoning, analysis and problem solving.

Our National Qualifications in Lifeskills Mathematics support numeracy and are designed to develop learners’ mathematical reasoning skills for learning, life and work. These Courses develop confidence and independence in handling information and mathematical tasks in both personal life and in the workplace. The Courses motivate and challenge learners by enabling them to think through real-life situations involving mathematics.