Music Projects

Performance at the Queen’s Hall


Two class groups this year been involved in creative music workshops with Ali, an associate musician from Drake Music Scotland in order to prepare and rehearse a piece to be performed at the Queen’s Hall. The theme was based around BBC Ten Pieces ‘Sounds Like Home’ project and involved the use of kitchen equipment, music technology such as drumpad, music block and recording devices along with percussion instruments and Figurenoted chime bars, in order to create an original piece of music that was presented at the concert. It was a great success! GO and GR learners did exceptionally well!

No Place Like

Drake Music Scotland present No Place Like… a lunchtime performance from pupils of Edinburgh City Special Schools.

Inspired by the BBC Ten Pieces work “No Place Like” by Kerry Andrew, pupils have responded to the question: What does home mean to us? Pupils are also think20180829_100559670_iOSing about Edinburgh as home and what the city means to them. The performance will include a range of instruments including music technologies such as iPad and Soundbeam, Figurenotes notation, and maybe even the common household vacuum!

This project has been funded through City of Edinburgh Council by the Youth Music Initiative at Creative Scotland.


Beethoven Symphony No4 at RSNO Glasgow

The Music Senior Choice group has been invited to attend a classical music concert at Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, as part of the Woodland Beats project to complete Arts Awards Explore qualification. It has been a unique experience to some who have listened to classical music live for the first time, and the feedback from the learners says it all: ‘We need to go again next year!’.

December 2018

Woodlands Got Talent

In the last week of December, the school dining hall yet again transformed into a music venue hosting groups and individuals presenting their talents in singing, playing instruments, dancing signalong. Each class has a chance to present their own surprise song, Chris and Chandra from Woodland Beats project prepared Senior Music Choice group to perform two band songs, there were amazing vocal solos by Kiki and  Joe W., staff choir carols and a performance presented by Ladies from School Management Team. We have also welcomed contemporary dance group from Currie High School.


Christmas Carols

ThPicture3is year again the music departments at Woodland School and Currie High School joined in a Christmas carols singalong session. By a beautifully decorated tree over 40 learners from both schools performed various Christmas carols and songs accompanied by CCHS students and their music teacher Joe Halliday. It’s such a pleasure to make music together during that special time of year!Picture1


October 2018

Broomstick Ride

Children’s Classics Concerts and Drake Music Scotland teamed up to run a series of workshops with ASN schools to compose their own music based on the theme of change. Junior Woodlands learners took part in th

music 2

is project in September and October 2018, that ended up with a great finale in Usher Hall. Liam Christison represented the school by playing a soundbeam (a touch –free device which uses sensor technology to translate body movement into music) to a piece called ‘We can fly’ at the Halloween Concert ‘Broomstick Ride’. It was a pleasure to watch Liam perform with professional musicians and friends from other schools! What a great achievement!

Please find a performance video here:



 September 2018

Woodland Beats

Since last year Woodlands School has been lucky to welcome two inspiring and enthusiastic music specialists through Creative Scotland, Chris and Chandra to work with various groups of learners in a project called ‘Woodlands Beats’. They led the spectacular 10th Anniversary Music Festival ‘Woodbury’ in June 2018. In September, the follow up mini 2 day festival took place.

Rebecca McRobert form InSpire worked on cratfts by providing upcylced instrument making workshops , Tim Lane ran individual sensory sessions, Jo Jeffries ran contemporary dance workshops in the Curry High hall and Chris and Chandra ran digital music making workshops.