PE Courses

The SQA Qualifications delivered by the Wodlands School PE department are:

 Physical Education National 1

  • Improving Performance
  • Taking Part in a Group Activity
  • Taking Part in an Individual Activity
  • Taking Part in a Water-based Activity

National 1 Units aims to enable learners to develop:

  • skills to support learners’ to work towards independence
  • an ability to work with others
  • communication skills
  • thinking skills
  • knowledge and understanding of the context chosen for study
  • to develop knowledge as well as skills for learning, skills for life and skills for work.

Physical Education National 2, aims to provide learners with opportunities to take part in physical activities, encouraging the learner to improve their own personal performance and to develop their understanding of the links between physical activity, physical performance and physical health.The Course encourages learners to demonstrate initiative, decision making and problem solving skills through participation in practical activities, and also encourages learners to develop collaborative working skills and thinking skills such as reflection and problem solving.

Physical Education National 3 is practical and experiential. Its main purpose is to allow learners the opportunity to participate in physical activities and develop their basic movement and performance skills in familiar contexts. It also offers the opportunity to increase learners’ understanding of the important link between fitness and good health; whilst demonstrating initiative, decision-making and problem-solving by participating in, and reflecting on these activities.The skills acquired will be transferable to learning, to life and to the world of work.

Physical Education National 4 is a practic and theory course where learners demonstrate a range of complex movement and perform skills in different physical activities.  They have the knowledge of factors that impact on personal performance in physical activities and know how to develop personal performance in physical activities, as well as, review the performance development process. The knowledge of this course helps young people to overcome challenge and improve their physical performance.