Red Nose Day

The £71 million pound raised for Red Nose Day has been boosted thanks to the efforts of Woodlands Special School staff and pupils who got involved to help raise cash through a fun-filled fundraising day to mark the event.

One of the most popular events saw learners and staff voting for members of the management team to take the title of Woodlands Biggest Baby. The lucky winner was then dressed as a baby for the day.  All the school events were co-ordinated by teacher Susie Murphy. She said: “The idea for the voting activity came from one of our S3 pupils Kiera McLeod and it has been great to see the whole school getting behind it because the money raised goes to such worthwhile causes. The staff and pupils have been very generous and many have been genuinely touched by the plight of people less fortunate than themselves.”IMG_1193

The Fun Day raised over £664 and was preceded by a programme of lessons designed to inform pupils about the difficulties facing children and adults with tough lives here at home and abroad. For many money can be hard to come by for the basic necessities in life, but at Woodlands School pupils now recognize the importance of providing people dealing with hardship with the support necessary to enhance the quality of life for those in need and to help them build a better future.

Headteacher Angelina Lombardo said: “If we can help give other people a better chance in life, whilst giving our own pupils a chance to grow and learn – then I’m all for it. I’m proud of the magnificent efforts of everyone here at Woodlands. As well as having a lot of fun, I feel this is a very valuable form of enrichment for our pupils, who are, after all, preparing to live and work in a global community.”