School Transport

Dear Parents/Carers

Please find here a TRANSPORT booklet   produced by Ellen Muir to help support parents over the next session. This year, parents should receive their transport allocation letter mid-July. Ellen Muir and the transport team had planned for this to happen in mid-June but unfortunately there have been IT problems and so planning was slowed down. We are hoping that next year the letters go out to parents in June.

Gillian and her team worked really hard to catch up and are certain that parents will have their letters mid-July.  Drivers and Escorts will visit children on their bus / taxi from the start of August doing all introductions before the start of the school session.

In relation to our return to school on August 18th, I also wanted to make all parents and carers aware that, in such uncertain times, we are planning to return to a bubble system in August and a similar timetable to the one we currently have in place. This will provide certainty and consistency.

The plan is that this will remain in place for the first week and a half of school serving as a transition back to school while we assess the landscape and when we will be able to make a decision about what is most appropriate going forward.

If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

Kind regards