Senior Studies

After S3 senior learners will have the opportunity to complete work towards a Creative Art SQA qualification at National 1 or 2 level.  The Creative Art Course consists of many different units, which can be taken over one or two years.  These units are designed to explore and develop previous knowledge gained from learner’s experience from their Broad General Education (S1 – S3).   The units are flexible and can be used towards additional qualifications (such as the Scottish Studies Award) and in collaboration with other subject areas (such as Performance Arts, in Drama, or Practical Craft Skills, in CDT).  There may also be opportunities for performance, display, collaboration with Galleries, outside agencies and other schools.

Pupils will also explore a different Expressive Art activities, in IDL classes, by working towards a ‘Personal Achievement Award’ at either National 1 or 2 level.

The ‘Scottish Studies Award (SSA)’ provides opportunities for learners to develop their knowledge and understanding of Scotland — its people, languages, society, culture, natural environment and heritage — and to make connections across the curriculum.

Creative Arts – Course (National 2)

This course provides an opportunity for learners to experience a range of creative art forms and express

personal thoughts and ideas through creative work.  Learners will work imaginatively, develop their creativity, and demonstrate skills in using technique, process, materials and media to produce work such as drawing, painting, sculpture, textiles, 2d/3 modelling, craft, collage jewellery, photography, printmaking, computers, film, sound, music, creative writing, poetry, stage sets, scenery, props, etc.

The aims of the Course are to enable learners to:

♦ demonstrate an awareness of the range of creative arts.

♦ work imaginatively and develop individual creativity.

♦ communicate thoughts, meaning and ideas through creative work.

♦ demonstrate skills in using techniques, processes, materials and media to produce creative work.

♦ use media and technology as part of the creative process.

Creative Arts – Units

Developing Skills in Creative Arts (Mandatory)

Working with Images, Graphics and Sound

Working with Images, Graphics and Sound a Scottish Context – SSA

Working with Textiles

Working with Textiles with a Scottish Context – SSA

Creating Materials for Performance

 Creating Materials for Performance with a Scottish Context – SSA

Creating Materials for Display

Creating Materials for Display with a Scottish Context – SSA

Personal Achievement Award (National 1/2)

The units within the Personal Achievement award allow the opportunity for flexible learning and access to a broad range of creative activities.  These activities may include gallery visits, craft activities, using new technologies & materials, exploring global issues, creating school displays, raising money, entering competitions, photography, performance, etc.

– Fundraising

– Exploring Local Areas

– Community Activity

– Enterprise Activity

– Developing Independence – Hobbies and Interests

– Taking part in the community – Eco Awareness