Art and Design

Learning through the creative arts helps learners to develop an awareness of artistic and cultural values, identities and ideas by working imaginatively and communicating thoughts and ideas creatively.

All pupils at Woodlands School experience Art and Design as part of their Broad General Education from S1-S3. Pupils work on individual projects as well as co-operatively on group work to communicate with others and creatively express themselves in different ways. Some work is related to the topic area for the term and includes seasonal projects such as Halloween, Christmas and Easter. Other art projects are tailored to meet the interests and needs of the individuals and/or class groups. Learners in all year groups carry out self and peer assessment tasks to support learning and inform next steps.

Pupils get the opportunity to explore a range of materials and techniques in 2D and 3D including drawing, painting, mixed media, collage, Mod-roc, 3D junk modelling and construction, craftwork, textiles, ipads, computers, photography and paper mache and explore the basic visual elements of colour, shape, line, texture and pattern.  Developing these skills through exploring a range of materials and processes in a progressive way gives pupils the confidence to express themselves visually through making, designing, creating, presenting, discussing, evaluating and appreciating.  Completed work is often shown at assembly to celebrate success and put on display for the whole school to see.

The department is always open to cross curricular links and IDL projects and has enjoyed working alongside outside agencies including the Lyceum & Festival Theatres, National Galleries for Scotland, Jupiter Artland, Saltersgate School, National Museum, Edinburgh Festival Fringe, and Filmhouse.

Many local and National competitions are entered throughout the course of the school year which allow a different kind of focus for the pupils as well as being able to, in some cases, see their work in print or exhibited.  2016 has been a particularly successful year for the department with pupils winning prizes and awards for their artwork in three major competitions; the RSA Art Award, Edinburgh Festival Fringe Poster and the Edinburgh Winter Windows Competition.  Fantastic results for some talented young learners.